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When you think of the word theatre the first thing that comes to your mind is either the venue for theatrical performances or the movie theatres. But do you know that there are unusual, borderline weird, places that are perfect venue as a theatre? These places are not just your regular Saratoga Performing Arts Center Goo Goo Dolls type of theatre. Here are some of those.

Abandoned Cargo Ships

Cargo ships are theatres? Now, who would have thought that. But there are places around the world that have renovated cargo ships and a part of it is turned into thrust stage or an end type of stage that provides for close gathering of intimate crowd. Because of the small space, this is a perfect venue for celebrations or performances that wants an intimate setting or small crowd.

The Environmental Stage

An open space is perfect as a theatre. Just imagine a park or any open space. This allows you to set up the space into any theme setting that you want. You are not constricted by limited space or a specific number of guests. More and more people are choosing the environmental type of space as a venue for their celebration.

The Cemetery

Cemetery as theatres is something to be considered. However, when choosing it as a theatre the performance should be in context. Usually, cemetery as theatres showcase performances with horror or sci-fi themes or content. If you want unique than the Brett Eldredge Saratoga Performing Arts Centerthen for sure nothing tops the cemetery.

Wide Alleyways or Streets

Wide alleyways or streets are perfect for performances like the mob dances. In fact, street musicians are performers themselves and considers the alleyways and streets as the perfect venue to showcase their talent.
Wouldn’t you love to know other weird places considered as theatres? Explore your community and maybe a weird place or venue will surprise you.